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April is Autism Acceptance Month!

This April, the Autism Society of America is proud to continue its fifth annual #CelebrateDifferences campaign in honor of Autism Acceptance Month. Everyday, they work to create connections, empowering everyone in the Autism community to live fully. They believe that acceptance is creating a world where everyone in the Autism community is connected to the support they need, when they need it. And by everyone, they mean every unique individual: the implacable, inimitable, and irreplaceable you.

Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States, with one in 36 children receiving a diagnosis, according to today’s newly released report from the Centers for Disease Control. In addition to the 5.8 million Autistic adults, this prevalence means that Autism likely touches a vast majority of Americans either through relationships or direct experience, and the support needs across the Autism spectrum are vastly different. During Autism Acceptance Month, the Autism Society is highlighting the diversity of experiences and needs with a reminder that acceptance happens every day.