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CFSHC Receives Empower Polk Grant!

Central Florida Speech & Hearing Center has been awarded the 2022 EmpowerPolk Grant. Empower Polk is an annual competitive grant program of the GiveWell Community Foundation with the goal of empowering local nonprofit organizations to become more efficient and sustainable. This grant supports implementation of new patient outreach media, purchasing office devices and investing in online grant tools primarily support the patient services staff, audiology and the community served.

As the Center continues to expand services, efficiency has been a great focus. Tremendous growth in the Center’s audiology population has prompted more organization, practices and innovative ways to deliver patient care. In addition, processes that streamline our clinicians’ ability to connect with their patients is critical. With this grant, the Center will be able to uniquely deliver introduction and educational videos to patients to build relationships and connect to our community.

The demand for speech-language has also continuously grown. Therefore, the Center is in need of additional funding services to support new employees and subsidized services. Grant research tools will aid our Development Officer in the discovery and application process for new grant sources.

Central Florida Speech & Hearing Center serves as a beacon for those struggling to communicate and we are thrilled that the GiveWell Community Foundation has joined on our mission to provide adults and children with the quality care they need to communicate effectively.