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CFSHC Receives Grant from GiveWell!

Central Florida Speech & Hearing Center is thrilled to announce the receipt of a grant from the George W. Jenkins Fund within GiveWell Community Foundation. This grant was awarded to support the “Hear it to Say it” project, which enables the Center to purchase a new OAE machine for our speech/language department. The SLP department uses the OAE machine to detect middle ear issues in children, which can affect their speech and language development. The results of this test allows our speech-language pathologists to customize therapy for each child and/or refer them down the hall to our audiologists for further intervention.

The OAE is unique in its ability to detect an ear response, without an action from the patient, delivering an ideal testing environment for children. An OAE machine will serve over 200 speech-language patients annually, 1,400+ over the lifetime of the equipment, providing critical early detection. With the number of children evaluated trending upwards, we expect to impact even more children with this equipment.

Special thank you to GiveWell for allowing us to submit a grant and the George W. Jenkins Fund within the GiveWell Community Foundation for their ongoing support. We are so grateful!